Member Community Infrastructure Program (MCIP)

The intent of the MCIP is to provide an annual funding opportunity to Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District member communities in the service area for sewer infrastructure repair and rehabilitation that will:

  • Continue progress towards environmentally sustainable and healthy communities through protection and improvement of the region’s water resources consistent with the vision of the Sewer District.
  • Support efforts to assist member communities compliance with the Sewer District’s Community Discharge Permit Program.
  • Improve function and condition of the local sewer system.
  • Identify and remove sources of inflow and infiltration from the sewer system. This reduction would preserve the hydraulic capacity of the local and Sewer District sewer system and alleviate problems such as basement flooding.

The Sewer District anticipates funds will be available annually through a competitive process and upon approval of the Board of Trustees. The Sewer District reserves the right to annually review and modify the terms and conditions of MCIP funding.

Funding Source: Local-Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Match: N/A
Eligible Applicants: CountiesMunicipalities
Project Category: EnvironmentalResilience EffortsSewer ConstructionStorm Water ImprovementWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
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