Green Infrastructure Grant Program for the Combined Sewer Area

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District recognizes the importance of green infrastructure such as rain gardens, bioretention, pervious pavement, and other site-based stormwater management practices in the combined sewer area. The Green Infrastructure Grants Program for the Combined Sewer Area is open to communities and non-profit organizations in the combined sewer area interested in implementing green infrastructure projects that remove stormwater from the combined sewer system. Private, for-profit entities may also put forward projects in partnership with communities or non-profits. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to ensure the long-term ownership and maintenance of these practices.

If you would like more information on these projects or the grants program, contact Linda M. Mayer at (440) 253-2147.

Funding Source: Local-Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Match: N/A
Eligible Applicants: CountiesMunicipalitiesNon Profits
Project Category: EnvironmentalNutrient ReductionResilience EffortsStorm Water Improvement
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