State Capital Improvement Program-District 1 (Cuyahoga County)

The State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) assists local communities in financing local public infrastructure improvements.  Eligible applicants are counties, cities, villages, townships, and water and sanitary districts. Eligible projects are for improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, wastewater systems, storm water collection systems, and solid waste disposal facilities.

OPWC’s District One covers Cuyahoga County, and is administered by the District One Public Works Integrating Committee (DOPWIC), which consists of seven (7) members. Through an Administrative Services Agreement, County Planning assists the DOPWIC in implementing the program.

For more information about the State Capital Improvement Program, visit the Ohio Public Works Commission.

Funding Source: State-Ohio Public Works Commission
Match: 0%-50%
Eligible Applicants: CountiesMunicipalitiesSewer Districts
Project Category: BridgeCommunity Water System ImprovementsRoadRoad/BridgeSewer ConstructionStorm Water ImprovementWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
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