Rockefeller Foundation Grants

The Rockefeller Foundation works to spread the benefits of globalization to more people in more places around the world. Funding inquiries must fit within four core issue areas: Advance Health, Revalue Ecosystems, Secure Livelihoods & Transform Cities. Within the Transform Cities issue is a focus on pushing the U.S. over the tipping point toward transportation planning and infrastructure policy that serves the needs of 21st century America.

Funding Source: Philanthropic Organizations
Match: n/a
Eligible Applicants: CountiesMetroparksMunicipalitiesNon ProfitsPort AuthoritiesSchool DistrictsSewer DistrictsTransit Agencies
Project Category: Bike Safety ProgramBike/PedestrianBikewaysCommunity Water System ImprovementsEnvironmentalHelmetsIntelligent Transportation SystemsMobility ManagementPedestrianPedestrian Safety ProgramPlanningResilience EffortsStorm Water ImprovementTransitTransit Center Facility
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