National Creative Placemaking Fund

Thie program, funded by ArtPlace, provides funding for projects that work with artists and arts organizations to help build stronger, healthier communities anywhere in the U.S. The project should focus on a neighborhood or other geographic community and seek to work on a community challenge related to agriculture/food, economic development, education/youth, environment/energy, health, housing, immigration, public safety, transportation, or workforce development. It’s a way that artists, arts organizations, and/or arts activities can address that challenge.

Funding Source: Philanthropic Organizations
Match: n/a
Eligible Applicants: CountiesMetroparksMunicipalitiesNon ProfitsPort AuthoritiesSchool DistrictsSewer DistrictsTransit Agencies
Project Category: Bike/PedestrianBikewaysBridgeCommunity Water System ImprovementsEnvironmentalPedestrianResilience EffortsRoadRoad/BridgeSewer ConstructionStorm Water ImprovementTransitTransit CapitalTransit Center FacilityWastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
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